Friday, August 12, 2022
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At Dove Central we have all the information you need regarding the caring and looking after garden white fantail doves, all our garden doves that we have for sale are bred in handmade dovecotes in our own garden and are free to fly around our small village.

We have for sale garden white fantail doves and the many different types of special dove food mixes for the young garden fantail dove and also for the more mature breeding white garden fantail doves.

You can choose from the many different types of quality dove minerals, grits, medicines, homing nets, dovecotes and dove accessories that are for sale from our new online secure e-commerce Dove Central website.
There is always expert advice on how to look after your white garden fantail doves, lots of information on how to home your fantail doves, how to train and feed your doves, looking after your garden white doves, F.A.Q's hints and top tips to keep your garden fantail doves in a healthy peak condition all year round.

Why not visit our Testimonial Page and view the comments from our other customers that have bought white fantail and straight tail white doves all from Dove Central.

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