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Dove Bath

Dove Bath - Product Information

Dove Bath

This dove bath is the perfect size for your white garden fantail doves to take a bath in and bathe all day while keeping their feathers clean and heathly all doves need to have a safe place to have a bath this is the ideal garden fantail dove bath for your garden fantail doves.

The size of this dove bath is 52cm in length, 40cm in width and 10cm in depth.

The dove bath is very strong, hard wearing, very easy to clean and store.

When you fill the dove bath add some garlic cloves to the water and this will help towards keeping lice and mites of the doves feathers also its good for them to drink, you can also add apple cider vinegar I use 2 capfuls to a bath this also helps to prevents lice and mites on your garden fantail doves.

This Dove Bath is Made from 100% re-recycled material

Price: £9.99

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Dove Bath

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