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Dove Water Drinker 5Ltr

Dove Water Drinker 5Ltr - Product Information

Dove Water Drinker 5Ltr

Dove Water Drinker Dispenser 5 Litre

Our high quality plastic 5 litre water drinkers are perfect if your are keeping upto 6 to 12 garden fantail doves, the 5 Ltr water drinker is a much more robust and are a very tough gravity fed ground based or hanging drinker for Garden Doves, Poultry and Game Bird Drinkers.

The 5 Ltr water drinker has a heavy duty ergonomically designed carrying handle that doubles up as a hanger, A manual fill drinker with a handle making it easy to move around.

This water drinker is easy to fill and has a bayonet fitting and is perfect for your garden doves to drink out off.

Price: £16.50

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Dove Water Drinker 5Ltr

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