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Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye - Product Information

Hawk Eye

This Hawk Eye Bird Scarer is used to scare off birds of prey from entering the garden and taking your doves

As the wind turns the Hawk Eye Globe and the combination of unsettling movement, bright warning colours, alarming large predator eyes and flashing strobe light effects, panics, alarms and confuses the the bird of prey when attacking.

Simple to assemble, Highly visible, No maintenance, Weather resistant, Wind driven, Silent. Ideal for use in built-up areas.

This Hawk Eye Bird Scarer is NOT GURANTEED to scare off birds of prey but I have heard some good results regarding this Hawk Eye Bird Scarer.

I would place the Hawk Eye Bird Scarer in a different place every few weeks, your doves will get used to it after a while but moving this it will help to avoid a visit from the hawks

Price: £29.99

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Hawk Eye

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