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Scare Eye

Scare Eye - Product Information

Scare Eye

The Eye Scare is an effective new device. The Eye scare’s robust yellow plastic moulded fin, with distinctive reflective mirror decals of the hawk eye, rotates in the wind, to create bright flashes and movement that deters bird of prey and bird pests.

Eye Scare is a simple bird scaring device that can be effective wherever bird pests are a problem from Raptor attacks on doves or pheasant release pens.

It is light and transportable, and takes just seconds to install.

The EYE Scare is constantly on guard, creates no noise and no neighbour complaints, Eye Scares should be moved around on a weekly basis.

Key features of the Eye Scare include: Incredible visual deterrent, Works in low wind conditions, Zero maintenance and zero operating cost, Long-life, Low-cost, Lightweight and easy to move, No noise complaints, Space saving stacking when not in use.

This Eye Scarer is NOT GURANTEED to scare off birds of prey but I have heard some good results regarding this item

I would place the Eye Scarer in a different place every few weeks your doves will get used to it after a while but moving this it will help to avoid a visit from the hawks.

Price: £39.99

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Scare Eye

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