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Conditioner Food 2kg

Conditioner Food 2kg - Product Information

Conditioner Food 2kg

Conditioner Food with Aniseed Aroma

This Dove Conditioner Food mix and aniseed oil comes in a 2kg re-sealable bag and is high in essential oils which maintains the garden doves in peak condition, this dove food mix includes a large selection of specialist seeds with a aniseed aroma to attrack the white garden fantail doves and helps the garden fantail doves throughout the dove moulting season.

Ingredients of Dove Conditioner Food Mix: Red Dari, Wheat, White Dari, Linseed, Naked Oats, Safflower Seeds, Black Rapeseed, Mung Beans, White Rice, Buckwheat and Aniseed Flavouring.

Nutritional Classification: Carbohydrates 45% - Fats 80% - Protein 30%.

This conditioner dove mix you can give to all doves of all ages I suggest at least once or twice aweek


Why not buy one of our quality dove feeders to put your Dove Conditioner Food Mix in, we sell the Large 2 Litre Dove Feeder and the Small 1 Litre Dove Feeders.

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Conditioner Food 2kg

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