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Sunflower Hearts 2kg

Sunflower Hearts 2kg - Product Information

Sunflower Hearts 2kg

Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts are perfect to feed your garden doves and fantail doves all year round but especially in the winter months

These premium sunflower hearts are sold in 2kg re-sealable bags, with the shell removed, these premium sunflower hearts offers high energy goodness for all garden fantail doves and young doves, pigeons and other wild birds alike.

Sunflower hearts are perfect for your garden doves as a treat and especially in the winter months as a energy and fat food to get them through the long cold Winter months.

The sunflower hearts are a very good food for young garden doves to build up their body weight after weaning and also for doves that have been unwell and need to gain body weight.

This is the perfect dove food to add to the other dove food mixes for your Garden Fantail Doves thoughout the winter months to help build the body fat and to keep them warm on them long Winter nights.

I use the sunflower hearts as treats for all my fantail and straight tail doves.

Why not buy one of our quality dove feeders to put your Sunflower Hearts in, we sell the Large 2 Litre Dove Feeder and the Small 1 Litre Dove Feeders.

Price: £7.25

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Sunflower Hearts 2kg

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Reviews / Comments
Cheapest Sunflower Hearts Around
"Thanks for the speedy deliver of my order of sunflower hearts these were the cheapest price on the internet I could find and the quality is premium thanks so much my doves go crazy for the sunflower hearts"
Nov 30 2010, 17:31 PMby Keith

Good Service
"Just to say all the food mixes arrived this morning that was ordered yesterday very quick and proffessional service will tell all my dove friends about your website VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER"
Jul 28 2010, 12:12 PMby Lou

sunflower Seeds Good Quality
"Have to drive 20 miles to get sunflower seeds, yours arrived by City Link this morning with other dove food mixes, grits and minerals, I only ordered them yesterday really good service and the sunflower seeds are so mush better quality than what I get elsewhere P.S I like the quality re-sealable bags nice touch and good idea. I will use your company again"
Jul 16 2010, 08:12 AMby Bob Jewel (DOVER)

Great Service, Good Prices Excellent Choices
"Ordered Monday the Sunflower Hearts, DC Dove VIP Mix, Young Dove All Rounder Mix, Conditioner Food, Super Junior Dove Mix, Dove Grit and Pink, Black Minerals came next day before I went to work really happy with the service and the quality of the foods Thanks Tim Littlewood from Southampton England."
Jul 13 2010, 14:13 PMby Tim Littlewood

Comment: Good price
"I live in Wales and pay 2 2 2 to much from the shop I get the Sunflower hearts from ordered 12kg still saved money the sunflower hearts my dove love its a treat for them"
Jul 09 2010, 22:07 PMby Ruth

My Doves LOVE These
"Just to a big thank you to Mark great website, the stuff I ordered yesterday has arrived 10am this morning will buy from you again, the doves go mad over the sunflower hearts seeds and the conditioner with the aniseed smells great. Thanks again."
Jul 09 2010, 14:49 PMby Alan from Leeds

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