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Young Squeaker Dove Food 2kg

Young Squeaker Dove Food 2kg - Product Information

Young Squeaker Dove Food 2kg

Young Squeaker Dove Mix

DC Young Squeaker Dove Food mix and has a high oil content providing a balanced diet of wheat's and grains, this is an ideal general purpose all year round mixture for your young garden doves.

DC Dove Food Ingredients: Wheat, Maize Grits, Black Rapeseed, Red Dari, Barley and Linseeds.

Nutritional Classification: Carbohydrates 50% - Fats 65% - Protein 55%.

This young dove mix is perfect to give your young fantail or straight tail doves which are still growing and can only digest the smaller seeds the older doves will also eat this mix so nothing goes to waste.




Why not buy one of our quality dove feeders to put your young dove food mix in, we sell the Large 2 Litre Dove Feeder and the Small 1 Litre Dove Feeders.

Price: £6.30

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Young Squeaker Dove Food 2kg

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