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Large Dovecote for 6 Pairs of Doves

Large Dovecote for 6 Pairs of Doves - Product Information

Large Dovecote for 6 Pairs of Doves

6 Pair dovecote for sale which is hand built from quality timber you will NOT be disappointed with this dovecote

This large 6 pair dovecote can house up to 12 garden fantail doves that’s 6 pairs of garden fantail doves and I use one of these dovecotes myself, I have also helped to design this dovecote through my experiences of keeping doves.

This dovecote has 3 sides that can be removed for easy cleaning to all 6 dove apartments which is very important as it saves time and is more hygienic than other dovecotes that are for sale on the internet today.

If you are thinking of buying a dovecote please do some research as you will find many dovecotes on the internet today NOT fit for the purpose, I have had many calls regarding this so please do a bit of research or you can always telephone or email me regarding buying a dovecote from other suppliers and there are some good dovecote builders out there.

 Please note as theses dovecotes are handmade the delivery time is 5-7 weeks

The size of the dovecote is


Price: £645.00

This Dove Has Now Been Sold
Large Dovecote for 6 Pairs of Doves

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