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Dove Grit and Aniseed Aroma 2kg

Dove Grit and Aniseed Aroma 2kg - Product Information

Dove Grit and Aniseed Aroma 2kg

Dove Grit with Aniseed for Garden Fantail Doves

This sterilised and washed dove grit with a aniseed aroma is ideal for your garden fantail doves and pigeons helping in their digestive process.

Contains: Flint grit, limestone grit, crushed sea shells and trace calcium and aniseed aroma all of the right ingredients to maintain good health aid digestion and increase vitality in all types of birds.

Directions for use: The grit is best placed in small pots and not scattered on the floor and should be available for your garden fantail doves 24 hours a day.




Need a quality grit container to put your dove with aniseed grit into have a look at this Mineral & Grit Feeding Station Kit  -  Grit and Mineral Tray - Mineral & Grit Feeding Station and the Grit & Mineral Tray Complete With Grit & Minerals these grit and mineral containers are perfect for the job.

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Dove Grit and Aniseed Aroma 2kg

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