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Oyster Shell Fine Grit 2kg

Oyster Shell Fine Grit 2kg - Product Information

Oyster Shell Fine Grit 2kg

Oyster Shell Quality Fine Dove Grit

This oyster shell quality fine grit for garden doves comes in a re-sealable 2kg bag and is the best possible source of calcium for your garden doves. The calcium is released gradually into the bloodstream and is 100% digestible. Oyster shell has a coarse structure and the particles remain in the crop to digest slowly.

This is what causes its special effect of delayed calcium release as a result there is a more constant high levels of calcium in the blood for longer periods, especially through the night.

Garden Fantail doves need to eat grit to help digest their food. The grit helps grind down the food the your garden doves eat .

Doves also need enough calcium in their diet as they use the calcium to form the shells on their eggs so if they are calcium deficient you will get soft eggs, rubbery eggs or even eggs with no shell.

You should provide oyster grit in their surrounding or put some in a small food bowl or grit trays. This will help them produce shelled eggs and is an essential part of your garden fantail doves diet.

Need a container to put your oyster shell grit into have a look at this Mineral & Grit Feeding Station Kit and the Grit and Mineral Tray these grit and mineral containers are perfect for the job.


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Oyster Shell Fine Grit 2kg

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