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Special Matrix Mix 1Kg

Special Matrix Mix 1Kg - Product Information

Special Matrix Mix 1Kg

The Special Matrix Mix For All Doves

The Special 1Kg Matrix Mix is a complete combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Grits (Hard & Soft including Redstone), Clay Blocks, Pink Mineral Powder, Brewers Yeast & Conditioning Seeds.

This Matrix 1Kg Mix has everything your fantail garden doves will need in one bag.

Give your doves a small amount (approx 1 level tablespoon per dove in a small pot 2-3 times a week day, it will not stay in the pot long as your garden doves will love it. They seem to know just how good it is for them.

Price: £6.75

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Special Matrix Mix 1Kg

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