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Harkavit-Super Plus 200g

Harkavit-Super Plus 200g - Product Information

Harkavit-Super Plus 200g

Harkers Harkavit Super Plus 200 grams is a combination of Multi-Vitamins, Electrolytes and Glucose to maintain good health and peak performance in your garden doves and pigeons.

Harkers Harkavit Super Plus is a excellent aid for young doves or pigeons in times of stress or after any illness.

Use when returning from races especially when the weather is warm.

Dosage Rate for Harkers Harkavit Plus:

1 x Scoop of Harkers Harkavit Plus to 1 litre of fresh water for general use for upto 3 days.

2 x Scoops of Harkers Harkavit Super Plus to 1 litre of fresh water in times of stress repeat for a further 24 hours if necessary.

Price: £14.95

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Harkavit-Super Plus 200g

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