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Harkers Coxoid

Harkers Coxoid - Product Information

Harkers Coxoid

Coxoid Treatment For Coccidiosis In Garden Fantail Doves

Harkers Coxoid 112ml is sufficient to treat about 30 garden doves and is a liquid treatment for Coccidiosis in Garden Fantail Doves, Poultry and Pigeons.

Coxoid treatment for coccidiosis is administered in the drinking water and contains 3.84% amprolium hydrochloride and this is a safe and rapid treatment for outbreaks of Coccidiosis in the garden dove.

Add Coxoid to the drinking water at 28ml per 4.5L for 7 days. For serious outbreaks of Coccidiosis treatment should be continued for a further 7 days.

Your garden doves should not have access to unmedicated water during this time.

Treatment with Coxoid should be followed up with a Multi-Vitamin Supplement or MAGIC Stock Nutrition (But not at the same time).

This coccidiostat must not be mixed or used simultaneously with any other medicinal product or substance having a similar effect.

What is Coccidiosis Click Here for More Information.

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Harkers Coxoid

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