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Harkers Harka Mitex

Harkers Harka Mitex - Product Information

Harkers Harka Mitex

Harkers Harka Mitex is formulated specifically for the eradication of red mite in dovecotes and aviaries offering lasting protection and ease of use.

Harka Mitex highly effective against red mites in dovecotes which are notoriously difficult to treat a single application with rapid control of the infestation.

This is the perfect solution to clean your garden dovecote just add the Harka Mitex to water and use in a plastic spray bottle and this will kill all the bugs in the dovecote, I use this to clean my dovecotes and I can Highly recommend this product.

Active protection for upto 12 weeks.

Active ingredient is Cypermethrin which is safe to use with doves.

Harkers Harka Mitex Not suitable for use with poultry (use Duramitex Plus)

Price: £14.95

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Harkers Harka Mitex

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