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Harkers Harkanker Soluble

Harkers Harkanker Soluble - Product Information

Harkers Harkanker Soluble

Treatment of Canker in Garden Fantail Doves.

Very Important for the treatment of Trichomoniasis (Canker) in garden doves and fantail doves.

This Canker treatment should be done every 3 months to PREVENT Trichomoniasis (Canker) in your garden fantail doves

Dissolve the contents of one 4g sachet in 4 litres of drinking water.

Measure the volume of water accurately and mix all the Harkers Harkanker Soluble contents of the sachet until completely dissolved.

Use this water to fill the drinking container were the garden fantail doves drink from.

Administer the treatment solution daily for 3-4 days using freshly prepared solution each day.

One sachet contains 400mg ronidazole.

Very Helpful Tip:

If you only have a few garden fantail doves, half the contents and the water mixture making sure you shake the packet well to mix the contents of the Harkers Harkanker Soluble up.

This is what I do.

After you have feed the doves that evening take all water containers AWAY so there have no access to WATER.

In the morning prepare the Harkers Harkanker Soluble mix first.

Feed your garden doves as normal, then while you doves are eating, place the water container with the Harkers Harkanker Soluble so that all the doves now should be wanting water and drink from the container containing the Harkers Harkanker Soluble mix.

I Repeat this for 3-4 days to prevent CANKER in my doves.

What is Trichomoniasis (Canker) Click Here for More Information

Price: £5.50

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Harkers Harkanker Soluble

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