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Harkers Omni-Vit 150g

Harkers Omni-Vit 150g - Product Information

Harkers Omni-Vit 150g

Harkers Omni-Vit 150grams is a balanced water soluble powder supplement containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements plus the all important electrolytes designed to meet the body requirements of the your garden fantail doves.

Omni-Vit should be used when garden doves are stressed e.g. Weaning youngsters, after medication, vaccination, and after long flights.

Omni-Vit can also be used prior to racing for up to 3 days a week.

Omni-Vit is a soluble powder, which quickly dissolves in drinking water. Just add 2 heaped teaspoons (approx. 12g) to a 5 pint drinker.

Each 12g of Harkers Omni-Vit contains the following ingredients:

Vitamin A 10,000iu
Vitamin D 1,250iu
Vitamin E 20iu
Vitamin K 5mg
Vitamin B1 5mg
Vitamin B2 10mg
Vitamin B6 2.5mg
Vitamin B12 20mcg
Biotin 50mcg
Folic Acid 1mg
Pantothenic Acid 40mg
Niacin 75mg
Manganese 30mg
Zinc 20mg
Copper 2.4mg
Iron 25mg
Iodine 1mg

Omni-Vit is available in a 150g container (sufficient to treat 35 litres of water).

Price: £9.95

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Harkers Omni-Vit 150g

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