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Pronafit Pro-Smoke

Pronafit Pro-Smoke - Product Information

Pronafit Pro-Smoke

Pronafit Pro Smoke 3 x Pellets

Pronafit Pro Smoke Bombs can be used against a whole range of parasites including lice and red mite. In addition these smoke bomb tablets have a positive effect by helping to clean the bronchial tubes which help avoid related problems such as sinusitis, bronchitis and dry & wet mucus.

Doves and Pigeons have no problem with the vapour given off and may safely be left in the loft during use.

Pro-Smoke will cover a volume of 75 cubic metres (one capsule).
Always follow manufacturers safety instructions.
Place one tablet on a stone tile and light.

Includes 3 Smoke Pellets Per Carton

Price: £17.95

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Pronafit Pro-Smoke

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