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Harkers Duramitex Plus

Harkers Duramitex Plus - Product Information

Harkers Duramitex Plus

Harkers Duramitex Plus 200ml Spray is for the eradication of red mite in dovecotes, doves, pigeon lofts, aviaries, cages and chicken coops.

Duramitex Plus replaces the original Duramitex solution as an effective and fast treatment for the removal of red mites in loft and aviaries.

This NEW Harkers Duramitex Plus is completely pesticide free.

The 200ml can is easy to use, with minimal mess. The spray dries almost immediately and will completely eradicate red mites and eggs in one treatment. Further treatments will ensure the loft/aviary stays mite free.

Pesticide Free, Duramitex Plus clears mite infestations in the domestic bird's cage or aviary environment.

  • Works instantly
  • Completely harmless to birds, animals and humans
  • Easy to apply - no mess
  • Dries quickly
  • Powerful control - one application lasts weeks.
  • Safe on all types of birds

Price: £10.95

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Harkers Duramitex Plus

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