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Natura Cox Solution

Natura Cox Solution - Product Information

Natura Cox Solution

Natura Cox Solution - 60 ml

Natura Cox contains amprolium. Its activity doesn’t disturb the kidney function.Therapeutic treatment In case of serious outbreaks of coccidiosis, the treatment should be continued for a further 7 days at half dose of the standard concentration (2,5 ml in 2,5 litres of drinking water).

Prophylactic treatment
Young doves or pigeons before pairing
Adult  doves or pigeons at weaning
Adult  doves or pigeons during the first part of - the breeding period 

Dosage and administration
Dosage: 1 measure per 5 litres of drinking water
Length / Treatment: 7 days
Period When weaning the youngsters

Coccidiosis Caused by two species of coccidies specific to doves and pigeons, coccidiosis is transmitted through food, drinking water or gutters contaminated by bird droppings.

The reproductive cycle of coccidiosis is complex. Let us simplify by indicating that a sick dove or pigeon eliminates oocysts with its droppings and contaminates other doves and pigeons.

The sporulation is eased by moisture and heat. This makes these infesting sporulated oocysts able to create serious intestinal damage in the dove or pigeon absorbing them.

Clinical aspects:
The young dove or pigeons are very sensitive to coccidiosis, with loss of appetite, intense thirst, greenish diarrhoea, important loss of weight, hanging wings and mortality within one week.

A less marked coccidiosis can appear as disorders of the growth (weakness and rachitic dove or pigeons as a consequence of a poor intestine condition), deviated breast-bone and marked feathers.

For adult doves and pigeons which have acquired a certain resistance, the plumage is dull and dry, droppings are soft, and mucus is present in the throat. These weakened doves or pigeons cannot, obviously, carry out any prowes.

Click Here for more information about Coccidiosis in garden doves.

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Natura Cox Solution

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