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Natura Worms Solution

Natura Worms Solution - Product Information

Natura Worms Solution

Natura Worms Solution - 125 ml

NATURA WORMS Solution is an aqueous solution containing levamisole which has an excellent activity against ascaris and capillaries.

NATURA WORMS Solution can even be used during the moulting and the mating periods, since it has no harmful action on the growth of the feathers and the embryonic development.

Dosage and Administration Dosage: 2 teaspoons per litre of drinking water. Length of Treatment: 2 days

Doves and Pigeons are frequently infested by ascaris and capillaries. The contamination is carried out by food and drinking water soiled by the droppings of other contaminated Doves, Pigeons and birds.

The ascaris is a round white worm, pointed at the two ends and measures 2 to 5 cm long. They live in the intestine and are found in the droppings or in packs in the intestine of dead doves or pigeons. The eggs laid by the adult worms are eliminated within the droppings. Favourable conditions such as heat and moisture are needed, after an oral ingestion by a dove or pigeon, to release the larva which can migrate in all the body especially the liver through the blood stream. The migration of the larva through tissues causes serious damages, particularly in the intestine which cannot suitably fulfil any more its role of food assimilation.

Moreover, the ascaris use for themselves part of the food, thus increasing the nutritional deficiencies in the dove or pigeons. The capillary is a worm of approximately 1.5 cm long. Because it is extremely thin it is practically invisible to the naked eye. It lives in the intestinal wall.

Clinical aspects:
In case of light infestation, condition and racing results decrease. As the infestation is more important, the simple greenish intermittent diarrhoea becomes chronic, along with weakness and an increasingly dull plumage.

Death occurs when the birds are extremely skinny, showing a breast-bone called “blade of a knife” resulting of melted muscles. Intestines can be completely blocked by a pack of ascaris to the extent of bursting.




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Natura Worms Solution

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