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Naturazole Solution Canker

Naturazole Solution Canker - Product Information

Naturazole Solution Canker

Naturazole Solution - 60 ml for Canker in Doves

Naturazole contains dimetridazole, the best molecule against dove and pigeon’s trichomonas (canker) during the breeding period, in the first half of the incubation during racing season when the doves or pigeons lose their condition during weaning the youngsters in the event of declared symptoms
It is recommended to follow each treatment with the administration of multivitamins: Natural’s Naturavit Plus is perfectly adequate.

Dosage and administration
Dosage: 1 dosing spoonful in 2,5 litres of drinking water.
Length / Treatment: 5 to 7 days
Period During breeding When weaning the youngsters


What is Trichomoniasis (Canker in Doves) is the most frequent disease in the doves and pigeon. It is caused by a tailed protozoon whose transmission is carried out especially by adult doves and pigeons feeding their youngsters.

Drinking water or food regurgitations, soiled by trichomoniasis, are also current vectors.

The adult doves or pigeons are generally carrying trichomonas without presenting disease symptoms but the disease can be declared following circumstances such as tiredness, breeding, moulting or the development of another viral or parasitic disease.

Clinical aspects:
Adults show an inflamed throat, bad digestion and green soft to liquid droppings.

In the young birds from parents carrying the parasite, droppings become very liquid around the tenth day.

The youngsters are weak. Small yellowish caseous lesions appear in the beak, on the palate, the inner cheeks, the tongue and the back throat. These very sticky caseous lesions can extend and develop along the oesophagus.





What is Trichomoniasis (Canker) Click Here for More Information.

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Naturazole Solution Canker

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