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The Dove Central website was started in early 2010 to sell my White Garden Fantail Doves, Dove Food Mixes, Grit, Minerals, Dovecotes, Homing Nets and all Dove Accessories, but most importantly, information on how to care and look after your garden fantail doves.

I started to look after garden fantail doves in 2006 but I was always interested in caring for birds and when I bought my first dovecote and doves I was hooked.

By day, I run a web-design and hosting company with my business partner. I keep my doves in my garden and my wife and I can watch the doves from our conservatory.

The garden doves are very entertaining to watch as they take baths, feed and drink, build their nests, and feed their young.

The young dove chicks (known as "squabs") are also very amusing to watch as they take their first flight and try to fly back to the dovecote.

When I was trying to found out information on how to care for garden fantails doves from books and on the internet there was very limited information, if any at all, on this subject and this is why I decided to start Dove Central and to pass my knowledge that I now know on this website.

All my fantail and straight tail garden white doves that I sell from Dove Central are all healthy and are in excellent condition and have been treated for the prevention of following diseases before there leave to go to their new home: Treatment for Canker, Worms, Lice, Mites and Coccidiosis.

I have now put together on the Dove Central website everything you need to keep Garden Fantail Doves.

I sell many different types of quality dove food mixes in 2kg re-sealable bags, dove grits, pink and black minerals, medicine products to keep your doves fit and healthy.

We also sell quality hand built dovecotes from a 1 pair dovecote upto a 12 pair dovecote to keep you garden doves in, we can supply you with a dove homing net and we have many sizes of homing nets in stock, and have all the necessary accessories that you will need to keep your garden fantail doves healthy and happy.

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