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A garden dovecote often spelt dove cote, or dovecot, and also known as doocot, pigeon cote is an ornamental bird house for doves to live in, many people even use dovecotes just as garden ornaments.

If you are looking to buy a dovecote to keep garden fantail doves in here is some helpful information before buying a dovecote.

When buying a garden dovecote make sure that the compartments of the dovecote are seperate and only have 1 hole for the dove to go in and out of, the reason for this is that the dove will feel much safer then having to look at mulitple holes were predetors could sneak up.

The cost of buying a dovecote varies and I would suggest paying for a 6 hole dovecote around the £350.00 to £500.00 a 12 hole dovecote around the £600.00 to £1200.00 depending on what material is used and not saying that the more expensive dovecote is better you will have to judge that youself.

My advice would to by from a company that makes dovecotes and not to buy from garden centres as I have found these are more garden ornaments and are not suitable for breeding or keeping doves in.

I personally think the most important part is when cleaning the dovecote out, there are many dovecotes for sale on the internet that do not have easy access to clean out the dovecote compartments and you have to place your hand in.

At Dove Central we handbuild all our dovecotes and there are very easy to clean out as the sides come off for easy cleaning or just when you need to inspect your doves as seen in the photograph below with a panel of the dovecote removed for inspection.

Our dovecotes are very easy to clean out

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