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Special Matrix Mix 1kg


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Special Matrix Mix 1Kg


The Special 1Kg Matrix Mix is a complete combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Grits (Hard & Soft including Redstone), Clay Blocks, Pink Mineral Powder, Brewers Yeast & Conditioning Seeds.


This Matrix 1Kg Mix has everything your fantail garden doves will need in one bag.


Give your doves a small amount (approx 1 level tablespoon per dove in a small pot 2-3 times a week day, it will not stay in the pot long as your garden doves will love it. They seem to know just how good it is for them.




Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

It really WORKS

Been using this Matrix Mix for over a year now and all I can say it really does work My Doves are in excellent health

Gary :: 29 Nov 2022, 14:29

This Matrix is Magic

I give my doves this Matrix Mix twice a week it really does work my doves are very healthy and love it

Anonymous :: 25 Sep 2022, 21:10

Special Matrix Mix 1kg

Bought this Special Matrix Mix 1kg really good my doves luv it and what a difference in just a few weeks doves are very healthy and HAPPY I WILL BE ORDERING MORE thanks Mark

Heidi Franks ::

Special Matrix Mix

The best supplement I have ever used my doves are in peak condition after using this mix

Gazza ::

Special Matrix Mix 1kg

My fantails doves go crazy for this I have seen a big improvement on the becks, feather and feet condition so much healthier

Gordon Kemp ::

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