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Sunflower Hearts 2kg

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Sunflower Hearts 2kg


Sunflower Hearts is perfect to feed your garden white doves and fantail doves all year round but especially in the winter months.

These premium sunflower hearts are sold in 2kg re-sealable bags, with the shell removed, these premium sunflower hearts offer high energy goodness for all garden fantail doves and young doves, pigeons and other wild birds alike.

Sunflower hearts are perfect for your garden doves as a treat and especially in the winter months as an energy and fat food to get them through the long cold Winter months.

The sunflower hearts are a very good food for young garden doves to build up their body weight after weaning and also for doves that have been unwell and need to gain body weight.

This is the perfect dove food to add to the other dove food mixes for your Garden Fantail Doves throughout the winter months to help build the body fat and to keep them warm on them long Winter nights.

I use the sunflower hearts as treats for all my white fantail and straight tail doves.


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Customer Reviews

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Sunflower Hearts my Fantails LUV them

My Fantail Doves luv theses I feed them as a treat and the fly to me straight away the kids enjoy the doves feeding from there hands

Gina ::

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